Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life?

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Within a few days of doing the handwriting exercises, I had some people who I hadn’t heard from in years call me or drop by to see me. I also noticed my kids came to see me more, which I had wanted. I noticed I wasn’t taking naps anymore. Where I had been taking one to 2 naps per day before. I had more ability to concentrate and more energy. I felt more ability to retain information and stay focused. Then toward the end of the 21 day handwriting exercises the number of clients I had been working with per week went from 4 to about 12. I also felt confident and increased my prices. I feel like my new handwriting has increased my self-confidence too.

Lisa Peck


In 2010, my legal practice was still reeling from the 2007 economic crash. I had worked with Craig Waldron for several years in a professional capacity. At this time, Craig and I discussed ways to improve my practice beginning with changing my perception and thinking processes. Craig analyzed my handwriting and made some observations he noted about my perception of prosperity. He made several recommendations and gave me detailed instructions on how to effect changes in my perceptions through changing my handwriting, specifically my signature. I followed Craig’s recommendations exactly, which not only changed my signature, but changed my perception of prosperity and ultimately my legal practice. Since 2010, I have experienced double-digit growth in my practice each year. I have a much more positive and prosperous outlook since working with Craig Waldron.

John E. Wootton, Esq.


Craig is intuitive and masterful in communicating this work. I, along with my penmanship, am transforming daily before my own eyes. I am giddy with excitement over the continuing changes in my personal and professional life. Thank you Craig to the moon and back!

Tuck, The Rebel Belle


Working with Craig has been enlightening! I never realized how making such simple changes to my handwriting could have such a profound effect in my life. Thank you!

Jean Adrienne - GA


My teenagers used to harass me until I cried. After practicing the recommended handwriting techniques, they still harass me the same, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.



Depression used to consume my life. Life was just something I tolerated. Now after doing the handwriting exercises, depression is a thing of the past. I am so much more optimistic.

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