Are You Causing Yourself Money Problems? Simple technique to use to solve it!

Unbelievably your own cursive handwriting or lack of it can be contributing to problems with money. Who would have thought something as simple as cursive handwriting could influence how money works or does not work in your life. How we form letters creates an energy field that, we live in and project to others. This is mainly on a subconscious level so they and we may not even recognize what is going on. An example of when you might perceive another person’s energy is when you meet someone. Have you ever felt either really good when you meet one person and then feel very uncomfortable around another. You are sensing their energy field.

Anyway, one way you can change your own energy field about money and abundance, is by the way you form your small letter g. Make sure you close the loop on the bottom and have the ‘tail’ turned up. This shift sometimes comes in the form of good deals and opportunities that you may have been unaware of in the past. Schedule your consultation with me to see how I can assist you in making these kinds of positive shifts in your life!

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