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How Does Cursive Handwriting Affect Your Business and Personal Life?

Copyright © 2018 by Craig E. Waldron What is the difference between just using a computer to write letters, emails, etc. and using cursive handwriting? In research findings reported in 2011, by Mangen and colleague Jean-Luc Velay of the University of Marseille found that “brain scans revealed that while learning by handwriting prompted activity in a [...]

What Else Will the Small Letter I Do For You?

Copyright © 2017 by Craig E. Waldron Here are a few more things that the small letter i does for your life: Improve and increase your memory by seventy-five percent by 75%. They can also help you get things done in your daily life. It can be said that if you pay attention to details, you will find yourself getting the details done. As with all [...]

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Rooms!

Copyright © 2017 by Craig E. Waldron Have you ever just wanted to pull your hair out trying to get you children to clean up their rooms? Unbelievably there is an indirect way to influence this through cursive handwriting. Using the small letter i, you can do just that. Make sure the i is dotted directly over the top. This draws attention to [...]

How Cursive Handwriting Can Help You Feel Better!

The act of writing in cursive is a higher level functioning of our brains and gets us making dopamine, functioning from our frontal lobes and at a level that can help us feel better, be more creative, productive, and experience more joy to name a few things. In today’s world, we try to do and keep up with everything in our lives. Many times this puts [...]

Three Ways Your Relationships Get Messed Up By Your Handwriting!

One of the most important letters in the alphabet is the capital I . The way we form the cursive capital affects the way we relate with our self and others. Here are the three ways – not forming the capital I, like the one above, affects your relationships: 1. Horizontal loop father and male or 2. Vertical loop mother and female – None of the [...]

Is Cursive Handwriting Even Needed Anymore?

Were you aware that something as simple as the way you make a cursive letter can affect the way people respond to you? When it comes to cursive handwriting, which seems to be going out of style, this is due to ignorance as to the value of using it. I’m not talking about using it to replace computers and word processing software or anything like that. [...]
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