How to Get Instant Energy and Increased Self Confidence, Using Your Handwriting!

Here is a bad habit we learned back in about the third grade, when we were learning cursive handwriting. Because of this, we tend to be average, have low energy, low self-confidence and low self-esteem. What better way to be average. What then is it? It is how we cross our small letter t’s. When we cross them in the middle, we are contributing to reinforcing all of the above problems.

The easy solution to solve this problem is to cross the small letter t at the top. Yes, the top. Writing at least three lines of the small letter t, crossed at the top will give you a boost of energy, self-confidence and help you complete things more easily. Just do not do this handwriting exercise after 3 PM or you will have a hard time getting to sleep at a decent hour. In my next blog, I will write about another handwriting exercise that will help you or a situation to relax and calm down. Schedule your consultation with me to see how I can assist you in making these kinds of positive shifts in your life!

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