How to Incorporate Cursive Handwriting into Your Life Without Giving Up The Convenience Of Modern Technology!

Ideally using “proper cursive handwriting”* you can record your thoughts, ideas, concerns, goals, or write about anything in a daily journal. To begin with, just hand write in cursive the best you can. Then over time, you can work on improving the form of your cursive handwriting.

Here are three reasons it is important to do this:

  • It helps keep your fine motor skills in action. This affects the messaging function of your brain.
  • Your reaction timing to brain input and output.
  • It helps create dopamine in the brain, which helps with our mood and helps us function at a higher level.

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In my next blog, Three Ways Your Relationships Get Messed Up By Your Handwriting! Schedule your consultation with me to see how I can assist you in making these kinds of positive shifts in your life!

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