Is Cursive Handwriting Even Needed Anymore?

Were you aware that something as simple as the way you make a cursive letter can affect the way people respond to you? When it comes to cursive handwriting, which seems to be going out of style, this is due to ignorance as to the value of using it. I’m not talking about using it to replace computers and word processing software or anything like that. I’m talking about the use of cursive handwriting as a hack to helping us to be more effective in our lives. Cursive handwriting develops certain fine motor skills and energy patterns that are part of what make us tick. It helps determine how others respond to us and how we respond to situations in life.

When we write in cursive the muscles in our hands and arms, at the very least, go through an intricate series of movements and connections with our brain. These in turn can affect how we feel, what we do, and how people react to us. So my opinion is yes it is needed to continually tune-up our overall functioning. It works much like updates to a computer program.

In my next blog, How to incorporate cursive handwriting into your life without giving up the convenience of modern technology! Schedule your consultation with me to see how I can assist you in making these kinds of positive shifts in your life!

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