Three Ways Your Relationships Get Messed Up By Your Handwriting!

One of the most important letters in the alphabet is the capital I . The way we form the cursive capital affects the way we relate with our self and others.

Here are the three ways – not forming the capital I, like the one above, affects your relationships:

1. Horizontal loop father and male or

2. Vertical loop mother and female – None of the people in these relationships get what they really want.

3. The complete letter affects our ability to be comfortable with who we are and our own identity.

Ideally start the letter at the baseline and be sure to go up and to the left slightly, then turn to the right and go down to the baseline as you move to the left and go up slightly before you then make the horizontal line going back to the right as shown above. Overall, the letter should tilt about 5° to the right.

Clients who changed their cursive capital I experienced relationship changes for the better, in the most unusual ways. People have received a random positive telephone call from the person they were having problem with or someone stops by to see them who they would have never expected to see. Or they find relationships working better overall. It can also improve your ability to make money.

In my next blog, How Cursive Handwriting Can Help You Feel Better! Schedule your consultation with me to see how I can assist you in making these kinds of positive shifts in your life!

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